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Alto India Horticulture Lighting Solutions (Grow Lights) are specifically designed for various applications and are broadly categorised into the following product verticals:

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One of the most challenging applications in the field of lighting is Horticulture Lighting (Grow Lights Applications). Light is one of the most critical components of flora and fauna on our planet. How various species perceive and utilise light for different functions is remarkably different and unique. It is true and scientifically proven that plants “see” the light way differently than humans and hence the lighting application design and the products for the horticulture applications are a lot different from the standard lighting products.

Humans perceive light to be the brightest in the green & yellow area of the spectrum. Since the human eye is particularly sensitive to green and yellow light, more weight is given to this region of the spectrum and the contributions from blue and red light are largely discounted. Photosynthesis depends upon the absorption of light by the chlorophyll pigments in the leaves of plants. By measuring the rate of photosynthesis at different wavelengths (different colors of light), we can see which colors of light fuel plants best.

In order to grow, plants rely on absorbing these blue and red lights. These wavelengths, the blues and reds, are critical for the photosynthesis and chlorophyll production that drive plant growth. Alto’s Horticulture lighting systems ensure that correct wavelength of light spectrum are emitted at the precise rate (PAR / DIN 5031-10) based on the plant type and desired outcome (leaf growth/flowering / fruit/color & taste)

Horticultural LED Lighting applications:

Explore alto India’s horticulture lighting application areas & product range

We have products and solutions for all your horticulture lighting requirements. Explore the different horticulture application areas and alto India’s GreenLine & RayLine LED product range given below:

Growing Leafy Vegetables, Herbs & Fruits

alto LED luminaires to complement natural light by supplying the appropriate spectrum and intensity that fruit and leafy vegetables need with eliminating extra heat.

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Finely-tuned light combinations improve plant yield and quality even during the cold months. alto India’s energy-efficient LED lamps effectively reduce electrical system load and running costs.

Urban / City Farming

Urban or city farming vertically is ideal for propagating young plants, cultivating full head crops and growing healthier, pesticide-free crops.

alto India’s horticulture lighting solutions maximizes production by using efficient LED systems with specifically chosen wavelengths to light up multiple layers of crops accurately, achieving a higher yield with a smaller footprint.


alto LED luminaires can supplement or totally replace natural lighting, providing the exact light spectrum and intensity needed to keep the flowering plants consistently healthy & uniform in appearance.

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With the correct light combination, one can have complete vegetative & reproductive control over plants along with easily manage heat levels.

Green Wall

Green Wall Lighting solutions from alto India constitutes using high output luminaires which are specifically designed to achieve the required PAR values uniformly over the vertical surfaces without loosing the aesthetic appeal of the space.

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This ensures healthy growth & development of the green wall plant species even without no access to natural daylight.

The horticulture lighting as well as green wall solutions provided by alto India are based on our own research & experimentation on various species of plants. These combinations of wavelengths of light, PAR / PPF / PPFD / DLI values, as well as the spacial co-ordinates (spacing / mounting height etc.) are mere recommendations to the customers who are free to accept or reject these. Customers are free to suggest and get their own lighting combinations customised based on their own research / experience. alto India in any case does not claim or guarantee any increased yield, better appearance, taste, smell or growth of any plant by the use of our horticulture lighting products. The ultimate factors of plant growth including stated above are a combination of all other physical factors (air quality, humidity, nutrients, temperature etc.) and not solely dependent on light.

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