AI-405 Leading Edge / 0-10VDC Dimmer

AI-405 is a 4 channel leading edge /0-10VDC analog controller enabling smooth dimming and to control the lighting loads for use in project requirements. It is powered by AInet over the universal DMX512 protocol. Standard DIN rail mounting and integral PSU enables easy installation and to connect to other controllers.



  • Leading-edge dimming outputs and 0-10V dimming outputs
  • Each channel is able to configured as dimming/0-10V/switching mode
  • 6 Scenes can be stored
  • 0.1s to 99 minutes fade time


  • Power Input:AC 100-240V
  • Protocol: DMX-512/1990, EDX
  • Output: 4 channels, 5A per channel max. Total 12A max
  • Dimension: 190(W)*88(H)*57(D)mm
  • Weight: 590g


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